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Our Faculty

Our Faculty

Elizabeth Poole:
Curriculum & Instructional Management Coordinator (School Based) / CTE Department Chair

Stephanie Vaughn:
Career Development Coordinator (Student Focused) / Academy Coordinator / Special Populations Coordinator



Academy of Architecture and Construction:


Joshua Alward
Construction Core
Masonry I, II, III Honors Level

Brittany Childers
Drafting I, II, III  Honors Level
Interior Design Fundamentals (previously Interior Design I)
Interior Design Studio (previously Interior Design II)


Anthony Herin
Construction Core
Electrical Trades I, II, III Honors Level

Kenny Perkins
Entrepreneurship I, II
Marketing I, II



Mr. Lloyd:
Counsler (A-K)
Ms. Mejia:
Counsler (L-Z)
Elizabeth Poole:
Curriculum & Instruction Management Coordinator (School based)/ CTE Department Chair
Stephanie Vaughn:
Academy (AoAC) Coordinator / Career Development Coordinator (Student Focused) / Special Populations Coordinator