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AP Classes

At MPHS, we offer many AP classes. These offerings may change to meet demands and to ensure that we offer diverse courses.  Here are the AP classes offered at MPHS:


  • AP English Language & Comp (can be taken Junior Year as 3rd English credit)
  • AP English Literature (can be taken Senior Year as 4th English credit)
  • AP Psychology (must be a Junior or Senior)
  • AP Biology (please check availability, not offered every year)
  • AP Chemistry (please check availability, not offered every year)
  • AP Calculus
    • AB (Fall semester)
    • BC (Spring semester, need to pass AB in Fall)
  • AP World History
  • AP American History
    • counts for American History I and American History II,
    • Will need to take a 4th Social Studies to fulfill NCDPI requirements from the following list: 
      • Intro to New Testament
      • Intro to Old Testament
      • Honors Psychology
  • AP Studio Art


AP courses may count towards college credit for those scoring a 3, 4, or 5 on their AP final exam, based on the individual college. You can find detailed information about the AP program, course descriptions, AP Exam dates, etc by visiting: