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College Admissions


Experience yields opportunity.  The quest for college admission begins from the moment a student begins high school, and nothing matters more than the successful completion of a rigorous course load.  It is the best predictor of college success, and it is the primary yardstick against which most college admission professionals evaluate students for college admission.  Other factors play a role in college admission, but none are more important than the courses you take in high school and your performance in those courses

  • Academics

    • What classes did you take in high school?
    • Were they the most challenging courses for your ability level?
    • Did you choose the easy road or the rigorous road?
    • Did you perform well in the courses you took in high school?



    • How well did you do on the ACT and/or the SAT?
    • Are your test scores on par with the admission profile for the colleges that most interest you?
    • You can find this information on under College Planning. If you search for your college you can find admission information and see how you compare.



    • Did you participate in any activities outside of the classroom while in high school?
    • Have you demonstrated depth rather than breadth (fewer activities explored more deeply)?
    • Were you involved with any clubs? athletics? volunteer/service activities? faith-based experiences? part-time job?
    • Do you have any leadership experience?

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